Plastic Extrusion Machinery PP Brush Wire Drawing Machine

PP Brush Wire Drawing Machine Equipment


  1. A specially designed screw, good plasticizing effect and uniform extrusion amount, durable.
  2. Box type puller, stainless steel roller, gear drive, smooth operation; Linkage, adjust the speed synchronization
  3. Hot water tank use electric heating, automatic temperature control.
  4. Winding machine controlled by torque motor, smooth winding , activity orbit, in operation easy and convenient

Production Process:

Mix machine and extruder drawing - cold water box -tractor roller stretch - heat sink electric heating treatment stretching - tractor roller stretch - the oil machine - aisle hot oven -winding receive a volume - cutting into finished products


Applicable to the production broom wire , wire brush, clean ball wire, etc.


Model Screw diameter Main Motor Power Reducer type Wire Diameter Range Yield(24 hours)
YB-70 70 18.5kw 200 0.10-2.5mm 1-1.5T
YB-80 80 30kw 250 0.15-2.5mm 1.5-2.5T
YB-90 90 37kw 280 0.15-2.5mm 2.5-3.5T

Product picture:


Rope and Silk
Industrial Cloth

Note:The machines are subject to the materials and requirements of production. According to customer needs, different model can be customized.