Plastic Extrusion Machinery PET wiredrawing Machine Equipment

PET wiredrawing Machine Equipment


  1. The special screw design, good plasticizing effect and uniform extrusion amount, durable.
  2. Box type puller, stainless steel roller, gear drive, smooth operation; Linkage, adjust the speed synchronization.
  3. The hot water tank use electric heating, automatic temperature control.
  4. The box type winding machine controlled by torque motor, winding smoothly; Activity orbit, convenient operation and easy in box

Production process:

Raw material drying - extruder drawing - cold water cooling - (traction) roller stretch - heat sink electric heating treatment stretching- (traction) roller stretching to the oil machine, biaxial exchange winding receive a volume to oven and finalize the design of artificial set of heat shrinkable film, after cutting into finished products


The equipment widely used in wire broom, cleaning brush, brush, Christmas tree, pine needles, arts and crafts, etc.


Model Screw diameter Reducer type Main Motor Power Total Power Wire Diameter Range Yield(24 hours)
YB-70 70 200 18.5kw 70kw 0.10-2.5mm 1-1.5T
YB-80 80 250 30kw 80kw 0.15-2.5mm 1.5-2.5T
YB-90 90 280 37kw 90kw 0.15-2.5mm 2.5-3.5T

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