Plastic Extrusion Machinery Hot Melt Glue Equipment

Hot Melt Glue Equipment


  1. Unique design, screw to plasticizing and mixing effect and become solid adhesive.
  2. High efficiency and energy saving, less investment, quick returns.
  3. The formula can be from raw material to the production process, then forming products for customers to provide comprehensive technical support.


Reactor, extruder, cooling trough, tractor + automatic cutting machine, power distribution cabinets, etc.


Widely used in plastics, fiber, fabric, metal, leather, handicrafts, toys, shoes industry, electron, etc.


Model Screw diameter Hard tooth surface reducer Host drive power Yield Traction power and cutting machine
YBSJ-90 90 225 18.5kw 1.5T 50-100kg/h 1.5kw * 2
YBSJ-100 100 225 22kw 2.0T 1.5kw * 2
YBSJ-110 110 250 30kw 2.5T 1.5kw * 2
YBSJ-120 120 250 37kw 3.0T 1.5kw * 2