Plastic Extrusion Machinery Electronic Wire Equipment

Eletronic Wire Equipment With Double Automatic Winding Device


  1. Our company invented a new generation of fully automatic wire into a circle, unique structure, high degree of automation.
  2. The host and tractor set single action and linkage control system.
  3. The store line frame set synchronous linear tension control.
  4. Automatic knitting machine adopts advanced PLC automatic control system, the alarm system with perfect; Good human-machine interface, contral is simple and easy to operate.
  5. Automatic circle and the binding wire steady; Continuous production is stable and reliable.
  6. High prodcution efficiency, knitting effect is good.
  7. The high quality of customer requirement, saving labor cost, the ideal equipment of cost reduction.


Copper ingot, host, main control cabinet, double sinks, line storage rack, tractors, automatic wire knitting machine, etc.


Widely used in holiday lights wire, storage battery line, all kinds of control electronic wire.


Model Screw diameter Main Power Store Wire Rack Store line lenth Take-up receive wire form The total installed power Normal work of power Wire diameter Speed
YBSJ-55 55 7.5kw 120m Double automatic knitting + automatic binding wire + pay-off 17.5kw 7kw 0.8-1.4mm Max 500m/min
YBSJ-70 70 15kw 120m Double automatic knitting + automatic binding wire + pay-off 30kw 12kw 1.5-3.0mm Max 500m/min

The Structure of the Machine:


Copper Ingot

The Body of Machine

Automatic Winding device